My Dogs Help My Recovery

pugavatarIt hit me this morning, how much our three pugs, Myrna, Riley & Scooter play a major role in my recovery process.  With my husband at work all day, they need me to be there for them.

I realized today that so many of the things I do for them daily, can be turned into a form of therapy.

For cognitive issues, I need to remember to let them out & feed/water them.  For physical therapy if I use my affected side, there are many things!  Picking up, grasping, & carrying  their bowls to be filled with water & food. Holding & manipulating a brush to brush them.  Getting up & to the back door several times a day to let them out.  Even petting them can be a form of therapy.  I use my affected right hand/fingers and while petting them I alternate fingers (ie: pinky & pointer finger only, then two middle fingers, etc.).  Throwing a toy or ball.  They don’t care how far it goes, or if it goes straight (or hits a lamp, oops!).

But the most important thing?   They are here for me no matter what.  Good days, bad days, they never complain, and are always happy to be with me no matter what my mood.

What time is it??? REALLY??

Since my stroke I find that I need a lot more sleep.  I can even sleep longer than my teenage boys! Ok, not really.  But it seems like it.


What time is it????

I went to bed last night at 10:00 p.m.  and when I turned over this morning & looked at the clock, it was 10:54 a.m!




Just Watched the Best Film!!!

My husband and I just, on a fluke, picked a totally different-for-us movie on Netflix called Intouchables.  It’s a french film, so it has subtitles (which is sooo not like us).  It’s about a quadriplegic man who hires an ex-con to be his aide. intouchables

While we weren’t expecting much, we ending up laughing out loud, me sighing at very emotional moments, and both of us really loving this movie!

If you can, try and watch this film.  It really is one of those, “How did I not hear about this film?” movies.

Summer Heat Seems Worse Since Stroke!

Last summer I had just had my stroke, so I don’t recall anything about it.  So this is really my first summer I am dealing with since my stroke.  AND IT SUCKS!  I don’t know if it’s the added medication to my system, the stroke itself making me less tolerable of the heat, or what?sweatfan

I keep getting a lingering mild headache that pops up almost everyday once I get up and moving,  It’s driving me nuts!  I feel more fatigued when the heat is on than I remember and my right side, which was the side affected by the stroke, aches.

Gee, can you tell I AM NOT A WARM WEATHER person???

Were you warned PRIOR to having your stroke?

I didn’t have high blood pressure.  I was slightly overweight, but not even close to the obese level.  My cholesterol was fine, but my triglycerides were high.  I exercised 3 times a week.  I had, for the last 6 years, been eating the healthiest I’d ever eaten.

All the times I had gone to the doctor (ie: bronchitis, flu shot, etc.), not once was I told a stroke was possible for me.  I was never warned to stop, start, or avoid doing things to lessen my chance of having a stroke.

warningSo………………….. what caused my stroke?  Everyday stress? Possibly.  But how do you avoid something as basic as “everyday stress”?  I have never been told what the root cause of my stroke was……….and it really bugs me!

Were you every forewarned by a medical professional that you were “heading for a stroke”, before you actually had one?

“What if…..?”

There’s that crappy, horrible, negative question popping up again in my mind.  “What if…?” As in, “What if I hadn’t had a stroke?”, or “What if I had eaten better?”  This morning as I woke, sore & tired from not sleeping well, it was there, “What if ……….. ?”

This question should not be in my vocabulary any more, But some days it rears its ugly little question mark in my mind, and screams at me, “What if…..?”

Why The Bluebird?

Someone asked me why I was using bluebirds on my blog.  I really hadn’t thought past the fact that when I saw the header with the bluebird and vine, I thought it was cute.  Then I noticed that I also picked a bluebird for my Gravatar!

I was sitting here this morning, thinking about it, when I looked up at my kitchen window sill:

mybluebirdIt dawned on me that I was looking at the blue glass bluebird my great Aunt gave us for our wedding.  I have always loved this bird and what it stands for:  Happiness!

I must have been looking at this little guy without really thinking about it when I came up with my blog’s look.  Pretty cool the way the mind works, huh?

What Did I Come In Here For?

I take a silently perverse pleasure in knowing that memory loss is not just a problem for me since my stroke.   So many times I laugh and think, “I should write myself a note and carry it with me to the next room so I don’t forget what I came in here for!”

But then, and this is where my silent happiness comes in:  My husband will go upstairs and I will hear him say to himself, “Well, crap!  What the hell did I come up here for?”