Interesting “twist” on a granny square!

I started making granny squares today and wanted to use the  “hide the tails” technique from the video in my last post.  But when I started, I realized I needed a refresher on the first two rounds.  So back to YouTube I went.  I found a wonderful video showing pretty much what I remembered with a twist!  Pay close attention to how he “backtracks” the first cluster of 3dc’s (at about 3:17 on the video counter),  and then moves forward.  I’d never seen this before and tried it out, expecting a twisted mess.  But it works great!  And, it has you always ending at a corner!

Thinking Of Next Crochet Project

My husband will tell you, and all crocheter’s will agree, we are never, NEVER completely finished with projects.  I have several going at once, and always seem to find another to start.

My next obsession seems to be granny squares.  Yep, that old standby.  I have such a large stash of yarn, I am thinking of endless color combinations for an afghan.  I’ve always been hesitant to make one for a very good reason:  WEAVING IN HUNDREDS OF ENDS!  But I found this video today that I think might just have me starting making squares very soon:

Transition from Summer To Autumn!

This time of year, after school has started, and I’ve tired of watching re-runs on TV, I start to get geared up for Fall.  Football is starting, even if it’s only pre-season, and I’ve noticed a subtle change in all the plants & trees around our house.  It is very slight, but there.

goodbyesummerMakes me start to think about getting the crockpot out more often for chili, soups, & stews.  Those afghan’s I started crocheting, but were too warm to work on in Summer, have started calling me to finish them.

I look forward to mornings & evenings chilly enough to need a light sweater,  and cuddling with my pugs on the couch.  They make wonderful heating pads.

You Have Got To Be Kidding!

Well, the doctor’s office called with my blood & X-ray results.  Yes, I do have Gout.  Gout, for God’s sake……really?  I’ve been reading about it online and it is treatable with diet & medication.  I honestly thought the painful hand joints were all from my stroke, until I noticed my joints starting to swell.

The doctor had mentioned a medication called Allopurinol for gout when I went in for the tests.  I looked it up online, & after reading the mile long “possible side effects” I ran into this fun, little tidbit:  Allopurinol may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be alert.

Seriously!  I laugh every time I read that!

Between my Baclofen making me somewhat “out of it”, this outta be a hoot folks!  

woohoo At the rate I am going, I am gonna have to switch out my store-bought pill box and instead start using Tupperware bowls, LOL!

My Stroke Doesn’t “Define” Who I Am!

The other day I was having a really good day, which means low spasticity, my brain & my body seemed to be getting along, and in turn my thought process was good, which means the words I intended to speak, actually came out correctly, lol!

I ran in to someone I knew before my stroke and after talking for a few minutes, I realized that my stroke, or obvious disabilities from my stroke, didn’t enter into the conversation. It was really a cool moment for me as I realized this was the first time since my stroke, that the “obvious” didn’t lead to a conversation that had, “Yeah, I had a stroke”, in it.

So I then realized that even though I have had a stroke, and I do have moments, days, weeks, that it’s obvious, I will have days when it won’t be quite so apparent.  I have decided that I will avoid leading a conversation with, “I had a stroke”.

My stroke is not going to define me anymore!

Daily Life & “Uh Oh” Moments

Yes, school has started back up for both the boys, one started college (gasp) and the other is a freshman in high school.

Wanna know how I know school has started?  Easy:  Our youngest woke me up at 6:10 this morning to let me know he was sick!  “Yep”, I thought, “School has started.”

To make my morning even more fun (sarcasm just dripping here), my husband called before I even made it downstairs to tell me that the fridge door has been left slightly open all night, (by a boneheaded teenager).  And of course, we went to the market yesterday and stocked up!

So I will NOT be volunteering at the thrift store today as planned, but will be cleaning out a fridge & making sure the “sicky” upstairs has a bowl and is doing ok!

Note:  Just had one of those “Ah Ha” moments!  I just realized that the one thing my stroke can’t take away from me, is me being a “mom”!  My “mom” feelings will never go away.  I will always have that need to cuddle, console, counsel, nurse, etc.. my kids, no matter what my disabilities.

Walking Lopsided

Some days I switch from using my WalkAide to using my AFO.  While it’s not as comfortable, I think switching helps my muscles work differently, which I think, helps make them stronger?

Yesterday I decided to wear my AFO.  So I put on the extra-long sock, strapped my leg in and put on my tennis shoe.  Got my sock and shoe on the other foot, got dressed, and went into the kitchen for coffee.  I immediately felt “off”, but thought it was just gonna be “one of those days”.

After about an hour of truly walking wonky doing house cleaning stuff, I sat down.  I really had no idea what the heck was going on.  I just felt lopsided.

Then I looked at the little shelf under our coffee table.  DUH!  When I wear my WalkAide, I wear the tennis shoe “as is”, with the insole inside the shoe.  But when I wear my AFO, I take it out so my foot/AFO will fit & also be level with the other foot.

I looked at the shelf under the table and noticed that the insole was not there (where I keep it).  DUH!  That was the reason for my lopsided walking.  I actually was lopsided!

Thank goodness!


Even Mild is HOT!

I don’t know about other stroke survivors, but I have noticed a sharp decline in my ability to handle spicy foods now.  What used to be considered “mild” for me is now “hot”!

My wonderful husband cooked breakfast this morning and fried up some potatoes.  He hotsauceadded several spices, salt, pepper, garlic & some, not many mind you, red pepper flakes.  Now, before my stroke, this wouldn’t have phased me.  But after a couple small bites, I felt like my mouth was on fire!

Such a lightweight now!