It’s a Mobility Scooter……….Really!

I wrote a while back about the new scooter I bought, the Palmer Twosome.  The “newness” has worn off, and I am happy to say that I am still in love with this scooter!  I can go 50 miles on a fully charged battery, and up to 11mph.  There are lights all over this thing for safety, and tons of storage.  My record for grocery bags is 12!  We have discovered that these scooters are like mules.  If a curb cutout isn’t there, the scooter can safely go down.  It travels over gravel & grass easily.

My husband was planning on selling the older, manual model we first bought but he’s in no hurry.  We have been tooling around the neighborhood and making grocery store runs on them having a ball.

I took this picture yesterday at our local park:

Our Palmer Scooter's

Pain on Unaffected Side

It’s been two years now and I have noticed something interesting.  On days when I am more active, by evening my unaffected side (my left) is really sore.

It’s mainly my left hip & leg, but sometimes my arm & shoulder.  The arm/shoulder I understand.  If I’m really active, that means I’m holding onto and manipulating a cane all day.  But the leg/hip I don’t understand. Since my gait is still a bit wonky, it’s possible I am leaning more on the left side?


Trying To Eat Healthier? Gotta Try This Pizza!

I love Flatout Bread!  But this new Flatout Flatbread is WONDERFUL!  If you are trying to eat healthier and love pizza (YUM), you gotta try this:

flatoutflatbreadHere is a pic of the pizza I made today:

flatbreadpizza1 Flatout Flatbread (Spicy Italian)
1 tbsp of any type of pizza or spaghetti sauce spread out
1 handful of spinach
1/4 cup shredded cheese (your choice)
1 tomato sliced


My Stroke Anniversary Present:

My husband loved my Palmer scooter, but was concerned about me having to shift and hold on.  Plus, the brakes need work.

So he surprised me last Wed when he said he found a much newer model.  He showed me the pics and I was hooked.  The newer model is an automatic and the owners put in all the bells & whistles, including:  Canopy, locking storage box on back, extra basket under seat.  It also was ordered with the lighting package.  This includes:  front/rear lights, turn signal lights for front & back and a super bright front light.  It also has a strobe light on a pole on the back.  This thing is VERY visible at night.

What my husband didn’t tell me right away, was that it was 750 miles away!  After talking back/forth with the seller, we decided it was too good to pass up.  So Friday morning we headed out.  Took 1 1/2 days each way to pick it up, load it, and get home.  Exhausting, but well worth it.

New RideI would recommend this Palmer Scooter to anyone!  Great quality product and a company that stands by their products.  They still stock parts for every model from every year they make these.  Plus, they are MADE IN USA!

Today Is My 2 Year Stroke Anniversary

I woke up this morning and realized that today is my 2 year stroke anniversary.   My husband and I were talking about how different this year has been compared to last year.  I am truly amazed at how much I have accomplished.

While I try not to dwell on my stroke, I think such an important anniversary deserves to be celebrated.

My New “Ride”!!!!!

I am proud of the fact that after my stroke, and with cajoling from my husband, I started volunteering at the White Dove Thrift Store.   Since it’s right down the street from our home, I was able to use my small mobility scooter to get back & forth.

Lately though, I have been wanting to venture further away from home.  I wanted to be able to go to the market, get the stuff we needed, and come home, without having to wait for a ride.  Or, I found I wanted to just “window shop”, but again, I couldn’t venture far enough on my little scooter.

Well, my husband bought me this last night:
palmerscooterIt’s a Palmer Industries “Independence” electric scooter.  It uses two large golf cart batteries, five gears, including reverse, a manual hand brake, as well as brake assist (if I want to turn it on) and, get this:  Will go up to 14 mph and up to 50 miles per full charge!

We had to go buy new batteries today, and right after my husband installed them, I had him get on my small scooter and we had a race down the street.  I couldn’t believe how fast 13 or 14 mph felt compared to leaving my husband “in the dust” on my small scooter that has a top speed of 5 mph.

I love the huge basket on the back and the larger, real tires, means the bumps and cracks on the sidewalks and pavement aren’t nearly as noticeable.  This gives a MUCH smoother ride.