Getting Fit On My Recumbent Trike!

I’ve officially had my new Terratrike Rover 8 (sounds like something from NASA huh?) recumbent trike for over a week.  I’ve officially been riding since this past Friday.  Why the delay in getting out there?  Adjustments!  I needed to take my trike back in a couple of times to have things “tweaked”, added/subtracted, etc to get it “just right” for me.

So this past Friday (5/23/14) I started marking down how far I’d gone & how I felt.  I decided, since many stroke survivors face the decision to try and “get back out there” and get fit, I’d keep a mini log for myself & for you too if you’re interested.

I will start here with Saturday as that was the first day I made notes:

5/24/14:  Rode 1.5 miles today.  Played around with seat arrangement & finally feel like I have it “just right” for me 🙂  Not too hot, but won’t be going far after 9am.

5/25/14:  Rode 4.2 miles today!  Felt great.  Got out by 8am.  79-80 deg already so will have to be up earlier to go farther.  Was amazed at how good I felt.  Could have gone farther, but didn’t want to push it!

trikecartoonBTW:  If you are curious about recumbent trikes and/or bikes, I have found a wonderful website called: Bentrider OnlineThis site has more information on recumbent bikes and trikes than any other.  Their forum is a wealth of information and the members are very supportive and happy to help you out.



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