He Who Protects Us, Is Protected…….

As Independence Day is coming up, I just wanted to remind everyone that those fighting and protecting us in our military are VOLUNTEERS!  They are not forced, coerced, or threatened.  So while you are chowing down on your Fourth of July goodies and watching fireworks in the sky, please take a moment to give silent “Thanks” to those that decided to protect us WITHOUT being asked:


Funny Thing About Exercise

Before my stroke two years ago, my husband and I were going to the gym three days week and riding our bikes for miles on the weekends.  I looked forward to the activity and so did my body.  If we missed a day, I felt “blah”, truly.

But my stroke changed all that.  Since the stroke, I have been pretty much inactive, except for rehab the first year.

Now though, I am back to almost craving the activity.  Though I tire out much more quickly than before, I still find myself looking forward to getting out there on my bike.

Getting up and moving is one of the hardest things an inactive person can do.  The first few times, you feel like you are gonna be sick.  Your body complains about having to move.  Your brain tells you “It’s good for you!”.  While your body says, “Whoa!  Go sit down!”

But the funny thing about exercise is that once you start, no matter how small that start may be, your body and your brain will start to crave it!  I promise.  When I first got my bike, I told myself I was going to ride at least 10 miles each week.  But that was not possible for me.  So then I decided to just keep a log.  I jot down how far and when I ride.  This way I can see that I am doing it, and that keeps me motivated.  I no longer feel I have to “ride further” than I did yesterday, or even last week.  I just know that as long as I do SOMETHING, it’s a good thing for me.


This morning Jeff & I got out to ride before it got too hot.

Today I finally made it to the bike trail!  Up till now, I wasn’t able to ride the distance to the trail entrance.  We had a great ride and I went the farthest yet…………….6.81 MILES!!!!!



Trike Log:

Got up early this morning. Anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a morning person, so this, for me, is unusual.  Feeling kinda out of it so I decided since I was up, I would go for a trike ride.  Gotta get out early in Arizona this time of year as it heats up fast.

Rode 2.17 miles.  Not a long ride, but enough to break a sweat and feel like I did something positive to start my day.

Sick of falling!

Ok, I was downstairs locking up.   Husband was upstairs.  Son was upstairs.  I went to put a dish into the dishwasher and WHAM, I twisted wrong and fell. ..hard.  I had my phone and called the home number.  Guess what?  It kept ringing.   I decided to yell and Son came running.  

Long story short:  Tell family to answer land-line when Mom isn’t upstairs yet!

Trike Log Update

Rode 4.75 miles this morning!  Wanted to go further, but worked extra hours at thrift store yesterday and we had the anniversary sale, which meant it was crazy busy.  Over did it.  Right side hurting, but the trike is very comfortable to ride, so 4.75 isn’t too bad!