Back to Triking!

Here in Arizona, our Summer’s, for the most part, are NOT spent outside, unless you are submerged in the pool!      smileypool

So last May, when I got my new Terratrike Rover, I didn’t get a chance to put many miles on it before the heat drove me indoors.
terratrikeI was happy because today I was finally able to get re-acquainted with my trike!  While it’s still warm, it wasn’t bad.  As I said last May, and from what I gather from other recumbent trike owners, it can take a while to “dial in” that perfect comfort zone.  So I went for a ride, stopping along the way a couple of times to adjust the seat, etc.  I think for now, I have it at a comfortable place.

The nice thing about this trike, is that it’s not difficult, and doesn’t take any time to adjust it.  It’s as easy as stopping, pulling a couple pins, adjust, put pins back in, and away you go.

I rode 2.06 miles today!


Holy CRAP!!!!!!!

I know some people, after surviving a tragic event, like a heart attack or a stroke, go on to want to do all these daredevil-type things thinking, “Heck I survived ____! I can survive anything!”  I’m not one of those.

My sister sent me the link to this video showing extreme mountain biking knowing that I was learning to ride my recumbent trike and enjoying it.

She jokingly asked if I was “ready to go?”  My response after watching:  “HELL NO!”

Gotta Be More Careful

I’m always learning something new since I had my stroke.

Yesterday I learned that I need to pay special attention when I get bit by bugs.

Since moving to Arizona,  I’ve noticed that anything that bites, seems to like me…….. A LOT! 

And the worst part? I seem to have an allergic reaction to every bite!

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching tv.  All of a sudden both my feet started itching something fierce!

I raced upstairs (as fast as my chair lift would go) to get the Benadryl.  

To shorten the story: Took the Benadryl,  put ice on the bites, vacuumed the couch, and went to bed.  I awoke to find that the top of my right foot had been shredded by my scratching and I wasn’t even aware of doing it!   I remember scratching my right foot,  but not really.

You see, since my stroke,  the upper/outer portion of my right foot is numb.   But the bug bites caused itching from the inside.

Apparently I had been scratching a lot during the night,  though I wasn’t really aware.

Gotta be more careful.

Still No Word!

Last week I applied for a couple part-time jobs, and as of today, I haven’t heard anything.  It’s so frustrating, especially since, for me, they would be a piece of cake.

But, I have a feeling I may not have done so well on the computerized tests.  These tests were timed, I found out later.  And there is no doubt I probably took too long.  Why?  Because I remember at one point having my attention sidetracked by a painting in the testing room.  It was wonderful.  The type that has an entire town and a million things going on.  This is one of those “post stroke” things that never “got me” before.  I find I will “zone out” on things at random.  And, I have a feeling that I took way too long to complete their darned test.

The other job?  Who knows.  Maybe because it’s an industry that mostly hires teenagers?  Don’t know.

But I do know that my frustration level is high.  My perimeter’s are very specific:  1) Close enough to ride my scooter to, 2) Not too late in the evening, and 3) They have to be open to the fact that I may not be able to get into work during certain bad “monsoon” weather days.


Is It Age or My Stroke History?

Last week I went into two places to fill out job applications.  As of this morning, I’ve heard nothing back, even though I was told both locations were hiring.

My husband says to just wait, it’s technically only been a few days.  But, I can’t help but get anxious.  After all, I’m not a teenager, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  And because of my cane, I can’t help but wonder if they are hesitant to “take a chance” on me?

I guess I’m just anxious.  After all, it took a lot for me to get up the nerve to fill out the applications in the first place.  So, I will wait it out this week and hope someone in the workforce sees my value?

So Much “Varying” Info On Post Stroke Exercise!

I’ve started going to the gym with my husband recently.  I workout out on the treadmill and recumbent bike.  The first day back, I tried the machines, which I used to love, but now I feel too “awkward” to use. I find I can’t lift my damned right foot/leg very gracefully so I can get on the machines properly.  I worry about tripping, or toppling over while trying to get on the darned thing.

So this morning, I decided to look on the web to find info on how best to start an exercise program after stroke, and independent of physical therapy.

Know what I found out?  It appears no one knows what the hell to tell anyone!!!  I’m reading statements that say, “It is impossible to devise a single exercise program”, or “only exercise to your level of competency!”.  And my favorite, “Only do what you are able!”

After reading many articles on getting back into exercising after a stroke, I’ve learned one very important thing:  The medical community has no idea what to tell us about how we should exercise, how much, how long, or just plain “how” to exercise.

So, I’m coming up with my own philosophy on getting back into exercising after your stroke:  If you’re nervous, have someone with you.  If it physically hurts, don’t do it. And above all, at least try it to see if you can do it……..You may surprise yourself!

exercise1 exercise2     exercise3

Deep Breath………Fill Out That Job Application

Tonight, I took a deep breath and decided to fill out a job application for a part time job!  For anyone this can be stressful, but for a stroke survivor, this is “life altering”.  A thousand thoughts go thru my mind as I fill out the online application and questions:  “Can I really go back to work?”  “Will I be able to handle the hours?”  “What if I have a “moment” at work?”

These questions all have been answered since I’ve been volunteering 12 hours a week as a cashier at a thrift store.  I’ve done very well, and have had no problems running the register.  We even have customers that have said they come in specifically on my days, because they want to say hi!

My biggest challenge to going back to work is the proximity to my house.  I ride my Palmer Scooter instead of driving a car.  No driving for a while just yet.  But I really want to be able to bring a paycheck home to help pay with bills.

So I’ve bitten the bullet and have applied for a part-time cashier position at a drug store chain that is right around the corner from the house. cashierI would be able to get there on my own easily.  Plus, in a pinch, I probably could walk it, if I had too.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me.  Heck, I’m just happy I got brave enough to fill out the application!

Falling After Stroke Is ALWAYS A Possibility! See Proof of My Wonderful Week!

My week sucked!  How was yours?  Monday I had a root canal that left me sore and irritable.  Just as the soreness was ebbing away, Thursday night I fell.  I fell HARD!  I cracked my noggin and bruised my head and right side, (These pics were taken today), four days after the fall!  The dark bruise on the right is on my right thigh.


Then as I was just beginning to feel “somewhat back to normal”, yesterday while our family was eating at a Chinese buffet, my damned temporary crown fell off!  This, of course, meant I had to go in today to have it put back on.  The result?  My head hurts again because I had to lay it back on that darned hard surface of the dental chair, AND my mouth hurts from them poking, prodding and jamming the crown back on.  AND I GET TO GO BACK NEXT WEEK TO HAVE THE PERMANENT ONE PUT ON!

So if one more person asks me “How was your holiday weekend?”, I will just point them to this post!