Adaptive Driving Evaluation Completed!

Today, I am happy to report that I went for my Adaptive Driving Evaluation.  It consisted of two hours of cognitive, visual, memory & reflex testing.  Also consisted of a 40 minute test which reminded me of Driver’s Training in HS.  I had to watch 100 3-6 second video clips and answer an Agree/Disagree question for each one.

After just over two hours of these tests, I was thrilled to find that my score was high enough to all me to go on to the initial driving evaluation with hand controls!

I GOT TO DRIVE for almost 40 minutes in a car that had been adapted with hand controls.  I was leery at first, but quickly started to feel more in control.

I did well enough, that they scheduled me for three more 1 hour “drives”.  If I am able to drive two appointments in a row, they will “pass” me.  Then I will get my certificate so I can file with the motor vehicle dept and have my car (to be determined) modified with the hand controls.  bunnydriver

Next week (Halloween), I have my second drive.  I am going to ask to try a different hand control set up.  I want to try a couple different types before making a final decision.

I am just so excited!!!!!!!!

Goodbye’s & Hello’s After a Stroke

After you have a stroke, you find yourself saying “Goodbye”…… A LOT.  Goodbye to feeling independent.  Goodbye to feeling comfortable alone.  Goodbye to family & friends just “being” with you, instead of asking “Are you alright?” every time you have an ache or pain.  Goodbye to feeling in control of your life!  I deal with all of this, and a few thousand more “Goodbye’s”.

For the stroke survivor, the “Goodbye’s” can tear your heart out!  Losing a job. Friends distancing themselves from you. Hobbies that can’t be done anymore. Dreams that you now know you will never accomplish.  So many Goodbye’s!

But, after a stroke, you do slowly start to have some “Hello’s”.  They don’t seem to come as fast or as often as you want, but they do come.  The problem is that sometimes you are saying “Hello!” to a slightly different “friend”.

Your “Hello’s” now may need to include assistive devices, such as a cane, and AFO, walker, wheelchair, etc…

But we need to realize that it is a “Hello”!  And that means one less “Goodbye”.

Four years before my stroke, I almost lost my eyesight.  Doctor’s have no idea (big surprise) what caused the lenses in both my eyes to suddenly detach 2 years apart.  I spent 3.5 years & countless amounts of money & time traveling to/from AZ to CA for 3 separate surgeries, all the while not knowing if my vision would ever allow me to read, see my kids & husband, or drive, again.

The surgeries were a success.  It left me saying “Goodbye” to my lighter than air glasses, and “Hello” to what I laughingly call my “Mr. Magoo” glasses.  But I can see my kids & husband,  I can read, and I could drive!

Fast forward to March 2012.  That was the day of “1000 Goodbyes!”  And once again, I found myself saying “Goodbye” to driving.

Well, starting Oct 9th, I am hoping to start the wheels turning (I know, “Groan!) to me being able to say “Hello” to driving again.

I am going to talk to the doctor about signing me up for the assistive driving evaluation.  This will allow me to move forward to having a vehicle fitted for hand controls so I can drive again!

After a stroke, there are MANY “Goodbye’s”, but we have to remember to celebrate the occasional “Hello’s”!


Chemical Changes Since Stroke That Attract Buggies?

It always seemed to me that if there was one mosquito, and I was in a room of 40 people, that little sucker (pun intended) would find me.

But since my stroke?  GEEZ!  I can walk out to the patio, feed the cat, and come inside, only to discover that I was a walking buffet for all the thirsty buggies outside. I’m not kidding here.  It just happened!  Time outside?  Less than one minute.  Number of bites: 3!  And the thing that drives me nuts about it all?  You can’t see that damn things.

We don’t have fleas here.  And I know fleas!  We lived in Southern Cal and oh, I hated those things.  My cousin says they are “no-see-ums!”  All I know, is that they suck!

No one else in my family has this problem. My husband goes out on the patio and reads for two hours……TWO HOURS, and comes inside without even one bite!

I am wondering if my chemical balance has changed since my stroke, making my blood more inviting to these horrid little beasties?

All I know is that I am laying in a lifetime supply of Benedryl!