Re-Learning the Art of Driving & Paying Attention!

Last post I let you all know I had passed my driver’s test.  We had taken my car down to VMI in Phoenix, to have the hand controls installed.  I had to wait a week for them to order the part for my car (my car is older 1999 and they usually have controls in stock for newer vehicles).

Last Friday morning  I went to VMI at 8:30.  I was “measured” to make sure the controls were in the correct position for me.  At 9:00, Jason, my instructor from Driving to Independence, showed up for the final “test”, driving my own vehicle.

All went well, and at 10:30 I found myself behind the wheel of my own vehicle!  It was, IS, a great feeling after having NOT driven for 2 1/2 years.

But I will tell you all this:  Driving again after taking such a long “break”, gives me the feeling of being 16 again!  I am ultra aware of EVERYTHING around me.  I come to a COMPLETE stop (you all know what I mean, lol) and even take that extra couple seconds before going ahead.  I’m finding I’m aware of peoples “mistakes” on the road and their carelessness.  I’m much more attuned to things now than just before my stroke.  Things that I had taken for granted or gotten lax doing (can you say “rolling stop”?).

And I will say this:  I WON’T be driving for any long periods of time for a while, if ever.  Having to maintain my concentration is exhausting!!!



I PASSED!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a BUSY day for me & my family.  Up early to vote.  Then on to my final (hopefully) driver’s training class.  The plan was that if I passed, we would then go to pick up my new to me, little white Rav4.  Well………………………..

I am thrilled to report that yesterday, November 4, 2014, I passed my driver’s adaptive driving course and received the okay to have my “new to me” little Rav4 equipped with hand controls so I CAN DRIVE AGAIN!!!!!

So the rest of the day was filled with family juggling picking up the Rav4 (no hand controls yet, so I couldn’t drive), getting it registered and plated.  Then we hit up the adaptive driving place where they install the controls.

Everything all done!  Now, I just have to wait until Friday the 14th of November to pick up my car for that final “Okay drive” with my instructor!