Not Just For Kids (Gadgets geared for kids that work for disabled)!

I got my Christmas present early this year, on Black Friday, a new tablet with a 10″ screen!  For some, this seems like a small TV.  But, for me, with my bad eyesight, it’s a way for me to enjoy technology.

But, I was extremely leery about using it because the tablet itself is very thin & slippery.  My grip is not the greatest, and I was constantly worried about dropping it.

So I went on the hunt for a case.  It had to be durable.  It had to be a bright color, so I could find it (our tables are black) easily.  And, it had to have a material that gave me “grip”.

I just happened to find a case geared for kids called the Samsung Galaxy Kids Shockproof case on Ebay!  I was a little apprehensive that the purple color I ordered might be “too bright”, but I ordered it anyway.  I figured I could always return it.

My case arrived about an hour ago.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  The purple is not too bright, but bright enough to see it laying on the table.  The built-in handle/stand is easy to grip.  The overall material of the case is a heavy-duty foam with double foam at the corners.  Foam doesn’t really describe it, but believe me, its thick, it’s grippy, and it works. I can now carry my tablet using the handle. Plus, when I’m sitting, the case sides & back are thick enough to give me a great grip while play games, sending email, checking out FB etc.

Sorry if this sounds like a commercial.  But it’s so rare to order something online and have it actually turn out better than you’d hoped.

I sent the seller a note telling them they might want to consider adding something in the description and/or title saying this would work well for the disabled/arthritic adults, not just for kids.


It’s Holiday Time, So Beware of Auditory Overload!

I always loved the holiday’s.  The music, the lights, even the overcrowded stores.  There was just “something” about all of it that made the holiday’s, well, “The Holiday’s”.

But since my stroke, I deal with something that puts a damper on most festive occasions:  AUDITORY OVERLOAD!

Here is an article written awhile back that I think bears re-reading for all stroke patients & their caregivers:

Another piece of advice that I’ve used comes from the American Stroke Association:

Not all stroke patients suffer from this.  Just like most people, whether having had a stroke or not, have dealt with these feelings.  Don’t let the holiday’s become a time where you want to hide away.  Follow the advice in these two articles and get out there and enjoy your family, friends, and this wonderful time of year!