It’s not ALL thorns. Roses DO APPEAR!

After yesterday’s “spasticity” battle, I realized that I forgot to share some exciting news:  I GOT A JOB!

If you’ve read one of my older posts, Volunteering helps me concentrate on helping others!, you’ll know that I have been volunteering at a thrift store run by a great non-profit here in Arizona called Hospice of the Valley.

Volunteering gave me the “boost” I needed to step out of my self-imposed cage.  Without the pressure of having a paying position, I was able to “test the waters” back out in the world.

The store opened in May of 2013, 14 months after my stroke.  At that time, I still had a lot of trouble concentrating, holding conversations, and understanding instructions.  Working more than 4 hours a day was exhausting.  But I steadily improved. And I LOVED working again.

Today, I am ECSTATIC to announce:  I HAVE BEEN HIRED as a permanent cashier for the store!   I will be working 25 hours a week.  And I will be once again: BRINGING HOME A PAYCHECK!  singlewoohoo

Volunteering enabled me to slowly integrate myself back into the business world without the fear of being fired or let go because of my disabilities.

I start my employment (vs volunteer) hours next week!  I am excited to be an actual employee again, bringing home a check to help with the bills.  It will feel great to know that in this small way, my husband will be able to relax a little knowing he’s not the sole provider.

If you take anything away from reading this post (other than my obvious joy), please let it be this:  If you are not ready to get back into the working world, please consider volunteering.  I had never volunteered before, and I tell people that volunteering, for me, was just as important, or maybe more so, than my weekly visits to my speech therapist, my PT and my OT.

I was able to get out there without the fear that if I was having a bad day and couldn’t go in, I wouldn’t be fired or let anyone down.  They understood and there was no pressure.  On days when I “wasn’t up to par”, but still went in, they gave me jobs that met my abilities for the day.  There was always “something” I could do.

I have a new job because I stepped outside my comfort zone and gave it a try!

Will the spasticity ever end!?!???

It’s been awhile since my right foot/leg has claimed the attention of more than one family member.

But, tonight it certainly did!  Earlier today, I pulled a muscle in my back. Nothing major, just one of those “twisted wrong” moments.

So I got out a TENS unit I have.  With my husbands help, I got hooked up.

45 mins later, and ready for bed,  my back felt great.

But…. My right leg/foot DID NOT!

My husband went upstairs first and I followed. Soon, VERY soon, it became apparent that although my back felt better, the nervous system on my right side….. Was ticked off!

With the help (and extreme patience) of both my husband and oldest son, we spent 25 mins of extremely painful muscle spasms & muscle tightening of both my right foot & lower leg.

I am writing this in bed, after all has quieted, feeling as though my right leg has been driven over by a truck. 

And that’s taking the max oral dose of Baclofen! 

I really DON’T want to take anything stronger.  What’s the alternative?

What should I do??¿

Spasticity SUCKS!!!

I have been trying to avoid the “spasticity” blog. But…… Maybe, just maybe, all stroke survivors have to post this: SPASTICITY SUCKS!!!

I have been on Baclofen pills since my stroke. A pump is not an option.

I’m done feeling like a guinea pig! 

I am seriously looking into trying marijuana oil.

Any pros? Any con’s?