Feeling Great On New Medicine For My Spasticity!

I’ve been on Baclofen for three years now since my stroke, for my night-time spasticity with very little success.  Yes, it helped…..mildly.  But even at the highest tablet dose, I was still waking up 4-5 times a night with my right leg & arm in spasms!

I didn’t want to add another, stronger medicine, to the others I’m already taking.

So, on my last visit, after telling my doctor again that the Baclofen wasn’t really working, and I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep, we decided to try another medicine:  REQUIP.  This is a med used for muscle spasms, mostly with Parkinson’s patients.

I was ready to try anything.  So for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been lowering my dose of Baclofen, while slowly introducing the Requip.

The last three nights, I’ve  taken 1 Baclofen (vs 4) and 3 Reqiuip.  And I am so excited to report it’s working great!!!!

The last three days, as the Requip was slowly upped and the Baclofen was taken down to 1, I’ve felt more alert, more “my old self”, with more energy and ready to “get moving”.  Best of all?  I am sleeping thru the night with no painful spasms during the night!

The folks I work with have even commented on the difference in my alertness, energy, and mood.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my body doesn’t throw a whammy in there and get used to the med and start spasming again, but for now, I’m HAPPY!

As always, it’s up to the patient to SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT, and MAKE THE DOCTOR listen!  If your meds, your therapy, your treatment, aren’t working, don’t just “go along”, assuming there’s nothing else.

Today, for now, I’m almost pain-free, sleeping great, and raring to go during the day, all because I didn’t give up and I spoke up!


6 thoughts on “Feeling Great On New Medicine For My Spasticity!

    • Sorry for the late reply. Internet problems 😦

      Is it still working? Well, I ran out (my fault), and for two days used some of the Baclofen I had.

      Let me say this: I had NO IDEA how much better I was doing using the Requip (generic) vs Baclofen!

      Example: Saturday night I had only Baclofen to take. Took regular old dose. Went to bed at 9:30. My husband woke me up Sunday at 11:45!

      For the rest of the day I felt groggy, zoned out, and completely unfit for anything involving “thinking” and “making decisions”!

      Received my refill today (5/18) and took normal dose 2mg without the Baclofen. Will post in the next couple days on progress and ” mood” while on just this RX.

  1. WTG! I’m glad it’s working for you. My dry needling is working well also. I’m down to 40 mgs of Baclofen (80mgs), 4 mgs Flexeril (16mg) and no valium. The spasms are relieved for up yo two weeks now with no pain from each treatment. Will have to look at your new drug.

    WTG us for kicking spasticity in the butt!

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