Hugs to our Families & Caregivers

I would love to give a special WELCOME to those of you who help care for someone, who for one reason or another, be it a stroke (like myself), or some other condition or accident, find themselves caring for a loved one.

It is those people who help us thru our daily challenges that sometimes get the short end of the stick.  I know.  I would put my wonderful husband & my two sons in this category.

If you haven’t heard it lately:  You are to be hugged, applauded, and loved for your patience (lots of that), love, guidance, and just being there for us!kissmsiley

Please, I would love your comments on my subjects, topics and thoughts.  Your views are important. You are our backup.  You are our safety net.  Most of all………………..You are loved, even when we grumble at you, LOL!

I Love Comments!

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