Auditory Overload in Stroke Patients

I got my current issue of Stroke Connection magazine the other day.  There is a wonderful article that I think every stroke survivor & caregiver should read on Auditory Overload:

Cervicogenic Headache

Very informative post. Well worth the time to read:


When I look at my stats page I read all the search terms people used that made them wind up on my blog and sometimes that makes a blog post appear in my head.  Yesterday there was a search term ‘cervicogenic headache stroke.’  Cervicogenic headaches was the topic of my last case report paper thing in PT school.  I would never say that this relates to a stroke but maybe it does, who knows?  A cervicogenic headache is a headache that comes from the cervical spine, the neck.  So if something is going on with your neck muscles, if they’re all tight and have a bunch of knots it can cause a headache.  That’s a cervicogenic headache.  Bad alignment of your cervical spine will cause the discs to do weird things which can also cause cervicogenic headaches.  I get a lot of headaches, but they’re not cervicogenic.  I get headaches because I have a f’d up brain and…

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Absolutely Stunning Performance….Get Your Tissues handy!


I was browsing You Tube and came across this Britain’s Got Talent performance.  The video is titled Simon Cowel cries, but this isn’t about that (really, who cares about him crying). If you want, just skip forward in the video to the start of the performance.

I was absolutely blown away by this totally original, artistic, and moving performance.  I do hope this troupe of performers comes to America.  I would love to see a show:

Let me know what you think!