Back to Triking!

Here in Arizona, our Summer’s, for the most part, are NOT spent outside, unless you are submerged in the pool!      smileypool

So last May, when I got my new Terratrike Rover, I didn’t get a chance to put many miles on it before the heat drove me indoors.
terratrikeI was happy because today I was finally able to get re-acquainted with my trike!  While it’s still warm, it wasn’t bad.  As I said last May, and from what I gather from other recumbent trike owners, it can take a while to “dial in” that perfect comfort zone.  So I went for a ride, stopping along the way a couple of times to adjust the seat, etc.  I think for now, I have it at a comfortable place.

The nice thing about this trike, is that it’s not difficult, and doesn’t take any time to adjust it.  It’s as easy as stopping, pulling a couple pins, adjust, put pins back in, and away you go.

I rode 2.06 miles today!



This morning Jeff & I got out to ride before it got too hot.

Today I finally made it to the bike trail!  Up till now, I wasn’t able to ride the distance to the trail entrance.  We had a great ride and I went the farthest yet…………….6.81 MILES!!!!!



Trike Log:

Got up early this morning. Anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT a morning person, so this, for me, is unusual.  Feeling kinda out of it so I decided since I was up, I would go for a trike ride.  Gotta get out early in Arizona this time of year as it heats up fast.

Rode 2.17 miles.  Not a long ride, but enough to break a sweat and feel like I did something positive to start my day.

Trike Log Update

Rode 4.75 miles this morning!  Wanted to go further, but worked extra hours at thrift store yesterday and we had the anniversary sale, which meant it was crazy busy.  Over did it.  Right side hurting, but the trike is very comfortable to ride, so 4.75 isn’t too bad!

Getting Fit On My Recumbent Trike!

I’ve officially had my new Terratrike Rover 8 (sounds like something from NASA huh?) recumbent trike for over a week.  I’ve officially been riding since this past Friday.  Why the delay in getting out there?  Adjustments!  I needed to take my trike back in a couple of times to have things “tweaked”, added/subtracted, etc to get it “just right” for me.

So this past Friday (5/23/14) I started marking down how far I’d gone & how I felt.  I decided, since many stroke survivors face the decision to try and “get back out there” and get fit, I’d keep a mini log for myself & for you too if you’re interested.

I will start here with Saturday as that was the first day I made notes:

5/24/14:  Rode 1.5 miles today.  Played around with seat arrangement & finally feel like I have it “just right” for me 🙂  Not too hot, but won’t be going far after 9am.

5/25/14:  Rode 4.2 miles today!  Felt great.  Got out by 8am.  79-80 deg already so will have to be up earlier to go farther.  Was amazed at how good I felt.  Could have gone farther, but didn’t want to push it!

trikecartoonBTW:  If you are curious about recumbent trikes and/or bikes, I have found a wonderful website called: Bentrider OnlineThis site has more information on recumbent bikes and trikes than any other.  Their forum is a wealth of information and the members are very supportive and happy to help you out.