Spasticity SUCKS!!!

I have been trying to avoid the “spasticity” blog. But…… Maybe, just maybe, all stroke survivors have to post this: SPASTICITY SUCKS!!!

I have been on Baclofen pills since my stroke. A pump is not an option.

I’m done feeling like a guinea pig! 

I am seriously looking into trying marijuana oil.

Any pros? Any con’s?

It’s Holiday Time, So Beware of Auditory Overload!

I always loved the holiday’s.  The music, the lights, even the overcrowded stores.  There was just “something” about all of it that made the holiday’s, well, “The Holiday’s”.

But since my stroke, I deal with something that puts a damper on most festive occasions:  AUDITORY OVERLOAD!

Here is an article written awhile back that I think bears re-reading for all stroke patients & their caregivers:

Another piece of advice that I’ve used comes from the American Stroke Association:

Not all stroke patients suffer from this.  Just like most people, whether having had a stroke or not, have dealt with these feelings.  Don’t let the holiday’s become a time where you want to hide away.  Follow the advice in these two articles and get out there and enjoy your family, friends, and this wonderful time of year!



Gotta Be More Careful

I’m always learning something new since I had my stroke.

Yesterday I learned that I need to pay special attention when I get bit by bugs.

Since moving to Arizona,  I’ve noticed that anything that bites, seems to like me…….. A LOT! 

And the worst part? I seem to have an allergic reaction to every bite!

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching tv.  All of a sudden both my feet started itching something fierce!

I raced upstairs (as fast as my chair lift would go) to get the Benadryl.  

To shorten the story: Took the Benadryl,  put ice on the bites, vacuumed the couch, and went to bed.  I awoke to find that the top of my right foot had been shredded by my scratching and I wasn’t even aware of doing it!   I remember scratching my right foot,  but not really.

You see, since my stroke,  the upper/outer portion of my right foot is numb.   But the bug bites caused itching from the inside.

Apparently I had been scratching a lot during the night,  though I wasn’t really aware.

Gotta be more careful.


My sister shared this video with me over on FB.  This is such a wonderful idea.  I know in Colorado, during apple season, you can go to most farmer’s markets and buy what we call “horse apples” for less than 1/2 the dollar amount per pound than the perfect, store ready apples.  These apples may have a blemish, or a small dent, or odd shape.  But they taste & cook exactly the same as their picture perfect kin.

As food prices jump, I would love to see a movement here in the US to do this:


Sick of falling!

Ok, I was downstairs locking up.   Husband was upstairs.  Son was upstairs.  I went to put a dish into the dishwasher and WHAM, I twisted wrong and fell. ..hard.  I had my phone and called the home number.  Guess what?  It kept ringing.   I decided to yell and Son came running.  

Long story short:  Tell family to answer land-line when Mom isn’t upstairs yet!

Making Progress On My Own


After, it seems, the doctor’s have set me adrift, (with prescriptions mind you that necessitate a  paid visit every 6 months) I am taking my recovery into my own hands!  I am selling my mobility scooter and will be using the money to pay for a TerraTrike Rover 8 (pictured above).  We have a neighbor who was in a horrible skiing accident four years ago.   They didn’t expect him to survive.   But he did.  And now he exercises using a recumbent trike!

It may take a few months to earn the cash,  but I will have this bike!