Getting Used To Working Again

As I told everyone in an earlier post, after volunteering for almost two years at the White Dove Thrift Shoppe, I have been hired to work part-time as a cashier.

Before my stroke, a 25 hr work week would have been no problem, and it isn’t now, except it does take some getting used to.  cashier

I find that being “on” for those working hours, requires me to need to be “off” for at least an hour after I get home.  That means quiet time to let my brain simmer down.  I also need to rest my right leg.  As cashier, it involves standing, plus I am also walking around the store, helping out as needed.  So my right leg is being “zapped” quite a bit from my Walk-aide and needs to have a rest.

All in all, I am having a blast knowing that I am bringing in a paycheck to help with the bills.  But the best part?  This “job” is a perfect fit for me.  I am working with people who already understand my disabilities.  They understand when I may need to just “take 5”.  They understand and have been vocal to let them know what they can do to make my job easier.  Best of all:  I have a ball working with these people!  The atmosphere is social, happy, upbeat and just plain fun!

Weird Time At The Market

Yesterday I rode my scooter over to the market because we had forgotten a couple things (notice I said “we”.  It’s not just me, lol) when we went earlier, and I needed them for dinner.

I rode into the store and gathered the three items we needed & headed up front to the checkout.  As I was riding down one aisle, a woman about my age stopped me and said, “Oh thank goodness!  Can you please reach the bacon bits on the top shelf for me?” 😮  Yep, that’s what she said.  At first I was literally speechless.  Then I found my voice, “Excuse me, but I don’t work here”, was all I could think to say.  “Oh, well ok”, she replied and went around to another aisle.  I still have NO IDEA what that was all about?

Then I got up to checkout.  I put my items on the conveyor belt, the cashier said “Hello” and “Did you find everything?” I was still thinking about “Bacon-Bits Lady” and must have taken a little too long to answer because he leaned down & toward me and said, “Are you Ok?”  Embarrassed,  I stammered, “Yes, just thinking about something”.

The box-boy (do they still call them that?) finished bagging my three items, put them in my front basket and then said, “Do you need help out with that today?”  I waited a few seconds waiting for him to “get” what he’d just said, but nope, no recognition hit his face as he stared at me waiting for a reply.  So I thought, “Oh what the hell!”, and I replied,  “Sure, can you carry the bag for me?  I live just around the corner.”

The cashier started laughing and as I rode out of the store on my scooter, I left this poor kid standing there with a look that said, “Huh?”