Will the spasticity ever end!?!???

It’s been awhile since my right foot/leg has claimed the attention of more than one family member.

But, tonight it certainly did!  Earlier today, I pulled a muscle in my back. Nothing major, just one of those “twisted wrong” moments.

So I got out a TENS unit I have.  With my husbands help, I got hooked up.

45 mins later, and ready for bed,  my back felt great.

But…. My right leg/foot DID NOT!

My husband went upstairs first and I followed. Soon, VERY soon, it became apparent that although my back felt better, the nervous system on my right side….. Was ticked off!

With the help (and extreme patience) of both my husband and oldest son, we spent 25 mins of extremely painful muscle spasms & muscle tightening of both my right foot & lower leg.

I am writing this in bed, after all has quieted, feeling as though my right leg has been driven over by a truck. 

And that’s taking the max oral dose of Baclofen! 

I really DON’T want to take anything stronger.  What’s the alternative?

What should I do??¿

Reflecting on 2 Years Post-Stroke

I have been lucky.  I know it.  I read others blogs and they remind me.  I didn’t have to have surgery.  I’m not committed to a wheelchair.  I can communicate with my family.  Hell, my family stuck around!  Thank you family!

At just over 2 years since my stroke, I have reflected on all the things I’ve re-learned, had to learn, and had to leave behind.

I won’t ever be running or jogging.  But that’s ok.  I never really wanted to.  I won’t, at least from this point in recovery, ever be totally comfortable in a group conversational setting.

But there are things that have improved!  I don’t take the day-to-day so seriously.  If something doesn’t get done, it’s not the end of the world.  My family relationship, though always strong, has become stronger for me.  I read so many stories about people who have had major medical life changing things happen, and their family just bails on them, unable to “deal with it”!

And then there are the things I have to still deal with, but hope will go away, but may not.  I continue to have major drop foot on the right side unless I am wearing either my Walkaide or my AFO.

But the two biggest things that drive me nuts are trying to remain calm, and focus on conversations in a group setting.  At this, I am almost “AWOL”.  It’s just too hard to concentrate on one person speaking to me when others are talking around me.

The other thing, and this may be the biggest, is my lack of time.  I will be in the store, and totally “zone out” looking at a small section of products.  My husband will come looking for me and say something like, “It’s been 20 minutes.  What are you looking at?”  I usually have no idea.

Also, I have no reference to timing activities.  Because of this, most things take MUCH longer to accomplish, if they get accomplished at all!

Out With The Old, In With The New…..Which Better Be Better!

The last several years have sucked!  Between losing loved ones, heart attacks, strokes, eye surgeries, blood clots, broken bones, etc., my family and I are worn out.

So, as the clock counts down the last hours of 2013, I am looking forward to a fresh, new year, and all it holds.  I know bad things happen, but I am hoping the Good outweighs the Bad this coming new year.


Channeling My Mother!!!!

My wonderful Mom passed away suddenly in 2008.  I miss her everyday, but know she is with me.  When I look in the mirror, act a certain way, or look at my kids.  I know she is here.
rosesMy mother got her first PC way back when they started becoming popular in the home.  She became proficient using Word Perfect and generalized coding.  It was all a foreign language to me, but she ate it up! She was always the one we all went to when our computers were “acting crazy”.  She had friends always calling her for help!  At her computer, she was in her element.

With all the new technology that has come out since she passed, I think about how much she would have loved it all!  She would have driven my sons crazy texting them. She would have loved the new smart TV. She would have loved the tablets and notebooks.  And there is no doubt she would have had an E-reader or two, or four!

So tonight when I discovered Pinterest for the first time, I just knew I was channeling my Mom!

So Mom?  Could you maybe nudge me to not stay up too late tonight discovering what all Pinterest has to offer??

On The Eve Of The Holiday Season……

As we are the on eve of the holiday season, I wanted to write this post as a reminder to everyone out there, including myself, to please not let the holiday’s stress you out!

The perfect meal only exists because of the people sharing the meal. It’s not the perfect turkey.  Or the best stuffing.  It’s the connection made around the table, whether it’s two people or twenty.

The perfect gift is not the item purchased, made, or found.  It is the gift of your time you spent thinking about the person the gift is intended for.

The best holiday is the one you are celebrating, because you are here to celebrate it.


Helping Myself By Helping Others

Yesterday when I woke up, I was in a crappy mood!  Not to go into it all, but the previous couple days had our family in major turmoil.

Today was my volunteer day at the thrift store and I was to work from 1:00-5:00,  but I just did not want to go.  I knew deep down that I had made the commitment and that it would probably be good for me as well.

The people I work with are wonderful!  They are fun, supportive of each-other, and just plain great to be around.
peanutsdancingSo when I arrived close to tears, ready to turn around & go back home, I got exactly what I needed:  Support, several hugs, a lot of “I’m here for you’s” , and I could feel my mood shift!  I knew I needed to be there.  No sense hanging around the house upset.

So I worked my shift.  And you know what?  My problems didn’t go away, but being able to step away from them by working with such wonderful people and helping others worked wonders!