DEFINING your life as BS (before stroke) or AS (after stroke)!

Do you, or someone else DEFINE every stage of your life now as BS (Before Stroke – fits perfectly, huh?) or AS (After stroke)?  Example:  “Oh, BS we use to hike and do all types of outdoor stuff!”  Or, “AS she doesn’t like that anymore!”?

I am finding that as time goes by, these “Defining Moments” happen less and less, or maybe I’m ignoring the outside comments?  I try hard not to define my life by BS/AS, but it can be hard.  Especially when it comes to not being able (yet) to things you used to do well with family and friends.

One thing struck me the other day:  We had a 2 year anniversary sale at the the White Dove Thrift Shoppe where I work.  I realized later that day, that not once did I think about it in terms of my stroke.  I used to.  I would always associate the store with my stroke in terms of progress.

Now, the store is an entire separate entity.  I find my stroke is not an issue anymore (most of the time).  In fact, the other day, one of my co-workers was telling a new volunteer about my stroke.  I found it felt odd.  Like they were talking about someone else.

That night I realized that as I progress, my world of BS & AS are widening.  I can talk about my stroke.  I can laugh when I have “one of those days or moments”.  But I am not defining every moment, every activity with BS or AS!

Balance Issues

While I am totally aware of how far I have come in my stroke recovery, I am always aware of the things that keep me from progressing.

Lately, it has been balance issues.  I say lately, even though it’s been a problem since day one, because I am more aware of it now that I am more mobile.

I don’t like using a cane.  Although I do remember when I was still using a mobility wheelchair, telling myself I would be happy to get to that point.  Now I don’t use the cane inside the house, but I do take one with me when I leave.  At the market, I can use the cart (“trolley” for those of you across the pond, lol), and do fine.  But, outside, on uneven pavement, walking up/down a curb, or in a place with uneven lighting, my balance sucks!

I would love to find some type of therapy that would help improve my balance issues.  So if any of you have any ideas, let me know, ok?