Stroke, School, Alone…..Oh My!

This week school started back up for our youngest, a big High School Freshman this year.  Although, thankfully, he is very self sufficient, the beginning of school is often hard.  But this year seems harder for me.

This year, I am dealing with an empty house during the day, and it somewhat scares the hell out me!  This morning as I was hobbling into the kitchen my bad foot folded and I fell.  Now mind you, it was a totally graceful, “So you think you can dance?” type fall, but still a fall.

So as my family gets used to the new school schedule, I am needing to get used to being on my own during the day.  No oven use, note to remember to feed the dogs (although they have no problem telling me they are hungry), notes to pay bills (or text from hubby), and reminder to self that every day will get better and I will get stronger 🙂