Trying My Hand At Container Gardening!

Since we have dogs, and not a lot of area to put in a formal garden, I decided to try my hand experimenting with container gardening.

I bought a used large plastic “barrel”, cleaned it out, put in Miracle Grow soil, and purchased two very small squash plants: One zucchini and one yellow squash.

Yesterday I took this photo:


I have two yellow squash blooms and today I noticed the zucchini has two blooms also!!!!

Chemical Changes Since Stroke That Attract Buggies?

It always seemed to me that if there was one mosquito, and I was in a room of 40 people, that little sucker (pun intended) would find me.

But since my stroke?  GEEZ!  I can walk out to the patio, feed the cat, and come inside, only to discover that I was a walking buffet for all the thirsty buggies outside. I’m not kidding here.  It just happened!  Time outside?  Less than one minute.  Number of bites: 3!  And the thing that drives me nuts about it all?  You can’t see that damn things.

We don’t have fleas here.  And I know fleas!  We lived in Southern Cal and oh, I hated those things.  My cousin says they are “no-see-ums!”  All I know, is that they suck!

No one else in my family has this problem. My husband goes out on the patio and reads for two hours……TWO HOURS, and comes inside without even one bite!

I am wondering if my chemical balance has changed since my stroke, making my blood more inviting to these horrid little beasties?

All I know is that I am laying in a lifetime supply of Benedryl!


Transition from Summer To Autumn!

This time of year, after school has started, and I’ve tired of watching re-runs on TV, I start to get geared up for Fall.  Football is starting, even if it’s only pre-season, and I’ve noticed a subtle change in all the plants & trees around our house.  It is very slight, but there.

goodbyesummerMakes me start to think about getting the crockpot out more often for chili, soups, & stews.  Those afghan’s I started crocheting, but were too warm to work on in Summer, have started calling me to finish them.

I look forward to mornings & evenings chilly enough to need a light sweater,  and cuddling with my pugs on the couch.  They make wonderful heating pads.

Summer Heat Seems Worse Since Stroke!

Last summer I had just had my stroke, so I don’t recall anything about it.  So this is really my first summer I am dealing with since my stroke.  AND IT SUCKS!  I don’t know if it’s the added medication to my system, the stroke itself making me less tolerable of the heat, or what?sweatfan

I keep getting a lingering mild headache that pops up almost everyday once I get up and moving,  It’s driving me nuts!  I feel more fatigued when the heat is on than I remember and my right side, which was the side affected by the stroke, aches.

Gee, can you tell I AM NOT A WARM WEATHER person???